How 24sessions build a business case for embedded analytics in their product

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Case Study: How to build analytics that support every customer

Your SaaS product generates millions of data points. Turning all that data into actionable insights for your customers can be daunting.

There is a lot to consider:

  • Which data is useful to my customers?
  • How do customers want to consult and use these insights?
  • How can I serve many customers if they all have different reporting needs?

With meaningful, actionable insights, your customers will be able to make better decisions faster. In this webinar, Joram Schuurman explains how he uses embedded analytics to bring new insights into their SaaS product 24sessions, a video engagement platform.

Replay the recording below, and learn how:

  • embedded analytics helps prove the ROI of your SaaS product
  • to drive more efficiency and customer satisfaction for your customers logo

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