How Commspace wows their SaaS customers with great analytics UX

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Case Study: Analytics UX tips to wow your SaaS customers

Your SaaS users cringe at poor UX. On G2, 71% of SaaS platforms get complaints about clunky interfaces and suboptimal experience. This shortcoming creates a massive opportunity for smart product managers. Go all-in on a premium user experience, and you’ll gain a competitive edge.

But what does a premium analytics UX look like? In this webinar, you’ll learn from a true expert. Graham Anderson, Head of Business Intelligence at Commspace, shares his hands-on advice for a good dashboard UX.

Watch the webinar replay below, or use the quick links to skip to what you want to learn:

[1.09] The state of analytics in SaaS today
[2.36] What is a premium analytics UX?
[5.12] 5 elements to help improve your dashboard UX
[9.38] Live demo of dashboard UX best practices
[17.50] How good dashboard UX lowers support load
[19.20] Q&A

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