Sample dashboard: Customer satisfaction and meeting efficiency

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How much more difficult and less efficient would your customer’s job be without your platform?

The average company uses 254 applications, but less than half of its employees make use of these tools. To drive usage, SaaS vendors need to prove their impact on their customer’s bottom line.

And that’s what 24sessions did successfully.

24sessions is a video engagement platform that helps large corporations like banks, insurance companies and call centers to streamline their communications. These businesses traditionally communicate via channels like telephone and face-to-face meetings.

To prove the business value of video conversations, 24sessions added a reporting layer to their platform using embedded analytics.

As a result, platform users immediately observed the positive outcomes in real-time.

  • Higher review scores for video meetings
  • Shorter meetings, saving up to as much as 20 minutes compared to face-to-face meetings
  • Faster processes, with less time between scheduling and completion of a meeting
  • Quicker identification of potential issues like e.g. recurring cancellations

Explore the dashboards that helped 24sessions make a business case for their SaaS application below. logo

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