Castellan's Product manager shares how they empower users with multi-level insights

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Case Study: Empower SaaS users with engaging analytics

A suboptimal analytics experience hurts your SaaS business. You risk that customers won’t find the insights they need to make smart and confident decisions.

Almost half of the top SaaS vendors on G2 receive complaints about the lack of customization options. Their customers have no control over the metrics they see. The information is irrelevant, and users are left feeling frustrated.

There is a better way.

In this webinar, we invite Sarah Zoloth, Product Manager at Castellan, to share how they built an engaging analytics experience for their risk management platform. Learn how they empower customers with insights on multiple levels.

Skip ahead in the video to learn:

  • [0.00] Common SaaS analytics mistakes and the ingredients of a great customer analytics experience
  • [2.00] Personalization in SaaS analytics
  • [2.53] Background: Castellan business and customer needs for reporting
  • [5.30] Showcase of generic reporting in Castellan
  • [6.50] The limits of canned reporting
  • [7.51] Showcase of reporting “edit mode” for SaaS customers
  • [11.54] Setting up ‘guard rails’ for customers
  • [12.35] The result: faster customer support and competitive advantage
  • [14.35] Customer feedback and usage of the analytics module
  • [15.44] How different user roles interact with their analytics
  • [16.37] The downsides of giving your users freedom to customize
  • [18.20] Letting users add their own datasets
  • [19.00] How to align customer needs with analytics roadmap
  • [20.30] How analytics expose hidden risks for their customers
  • [21.55] Next steps and iterative approach to building analytics

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